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I made my trip to Dillons last night.  They had the organic granny smith apples marked down to $1.29!  Baby Bella mushrooms $1.59! 

If you plan on printing the Quaker Oatmeal coupon, better do it today.  It expires 2/28/09.  Oatmeal sales must be slow.  Dillons had the small container on sale for $1.77.  

Dillons does have the Ocean Spray Light and Diet on sale for $1.98 so that $1 off coupon at coupon.inc is good to go!

They must have known I was coming because they had the Kelloggs Fiber Plus Dark Chocolate Almond in two places!  Still 2/$4, and the coupon is for $.75.  Go to the price alerts page on my site for the link.

It really makes me mad when a store advertises a product they don’t even stock.  I could not find Mentos gum anywhere, and the employees didn’t know where it was either!  I guess I’ll have to get a rain check.

Wonder if this will make it to AlphaInventions?



One of the things I do every morning is turn on the computer and check the coupons sites I have tabbed, to see if anything new has been added.  I have found that new coupons will get added for maybe just a few days, if not less, then poof, they’re gone.  And if there is a really good coupon, I go to each of the computers in the house to print it.  I will print some coupons until I get a limit reached message. 

Today there is a Quaker Oatmeal coupon $1 off 2 of any oatmeal product on coupons.com. 

I was able to print it 2 times on each computer.

The last time I found Quaker Oatmeal coupons, Dillons had a sale shortly following and I was able to get oatmeal for $.50.  But you just don’t know how long the coupon will be available, so you should print them when you see them.

If you can’t print coupons for any reason, then send me a shout.  I have mastered the art!

Is it just me, or does a big front page of 10/$10 make anyone else giddy!  It’s not necessarily because of what’s on sale, just the idea that there might be something I really like and want!  Of course on closer examination, that might not be the case.  Let’s see what today has to offer…

Little Debbies for $1, that’s always a good deal anymore.  Have to get in early to get a good selection.  I’m not too crazy about the oatmeal cakes.

Knorr Lipton Pasta Sides, I have an insert coupon for $.60 off 2 – Kroger Frozen Vegtables, Hormel Chili,Duncan Hines cake mixes.  Dole canned fruit, I have an insert coupon for $.75 off 2.  Hunts tomatoes, now if  the stupid Shortcuts coupons will work.  It’s for $1 off 5.  Kroger sour cream, cottage cheese or dips-Dillons sent me coupons for $.35 off sour cream and $.65 off 2 dips.

Hey, Mentos gum (if you can find it) $1.. I have two coupons for $.55 off 1..do I smell free!

Dillons must have ordered a ton of Honey Nut Cheerios, still $1.67.  Ocean Spray still $1.98.  Not sure if diet or sugar free is included, but if it is go here and print a $1 off coupon just to be safe http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qbygdbt15322999&bt=wg&o=54822&c=OS&p=JTF63v8a.  Also here’s a link for Gortons fish http://www.gortons.com/coupons_promotions.htm

If you still have an insert coupon for Campbells tomato soup, you can get four cans for $.60 each.

You can print a $1 off 2 coupon for the Kids yogurt thats 2/$4 at smartsource.

Avacados and red bell peppers 10/$10.  And if I’m not mistaken, the organic apples at $2.50 for a 3lb bag are actually cheaper than the non organic that are 10 lbs for $10…hmmm

So, did you see anything else worth mentioning?  Leave a comment and share.

Don’t forget to visit my site at www.wichitacouponmom.com for links to the printable coupon sites.

What a disappointing Sunday morning.   The coupon inserts were thin and didn’t really have anything I wanted, with the exception of Huggies Pullups coupons.  $2 off and not just one but 2 coupons.  Nothing else stood out when I went thru them briefly.  So, nothing great to report until Wednesday.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Check out my website www.wichitacouponmom.com go to “Price Alerts”  and see what Dillons has to offer this weekend.  It’s all Kroger brands, but the prices are good!  I’ve never had any problems with the Kroger food items, but I really try to stay away from their diaper/training pant items.  They just did not do well overnight.

I’ll be setting out today to do a little shopping, so if I run across anything else, I’ll give a shout out!

To go along with my new website, I have begun this new blog.  I will post grocery deals for the Wichita area that I find at Dillons or Walmart.  I will also alert viewers of any great coupon/sale deals I come across.  Be sure to read my website to get and idea of what you can find in my blogs.  I limit my purchases to two stores.

(by the way, website is www.wichitacouponmom.com)

As for the Dillons ad for February 18 thur February 24,  not too much has changed from the last two weeks.  However, if you thought you missed out on $.67 Cheerios, you still have a chance to stock up.  The coupon doesn’t appear to be available any longer at coupons.com or smartsource.com,(I did get it offered to me from couponsurfer, but opened window in explorer and I can’t print coupons from there) but if you did print off your limit you can still reap the benefits.  Stocking up, that’s the name of the game!

Deals to note, if you didn’t get Wednesday paper, and haven’t gotten your ads in the mail yet…


Red Seedless Grapes $.99 per pound

Dillons half gallon milk $1.33 each

Kraft Cheese $1.98

Dozen larg eggs $1.25

Ragu sauce still $1.48 but now you don’t have to buy 10 others things.

Oranges and grapefruit $2.99 a bag!

As for Walmart,

Bananas are $.18 per pound today, but you have to tell the cashier that you want that price. 

Simply Orange is listed at Dillons for $3.49, but Walmart has been selling it 2/$6.00 and if you print off the $1 off coupon you can get it for $2 (watch out coupon is for pineapple or mango flavors)

But of course, if you don’t have any coupons to use at Dillons, then going to Walmart for $.18 bananas and price matching the rest might be the best use of your time.

Have a great bargain hunting day, and don’t forget to share your finds with me here!


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