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New printable coupons

Posted on: February 26, 2009


One of the things I do every morning is turn on the computer and check the coupons sites I have tabbed, to see if anything new has been added.  I have found that new coupons will get added for maybe just a few days, if not less, then poof, they’re gone.  And if there is a really good coupon, I go to each of the computers in the house to print it.  I will print some coupons until I get a limit reached message. 

Today there is a Quaker Oatmeal coupon $1 off 2 of any oatmeal product on coupons.com. 

I was able to print it 2 times on each computer.

The last time I found Quaker Oatmeal coupons, Dillons had a sale shortly following and I was able to get oatmeal for $.50.  But you just don’t know how long the coupon will be available, so you should print them when you see them.

If you can’t print coupons for any reason, then send me a shout.  I have mastered the art!


1 Response to "New printable coupons"

I just saw on your website to give you a shout if I can’t get the coupons to print. I am having problems with couponmom.com… have tried it on two different computers. Once I hit ‘print’, it just sits there with the ‘sending coupons to your printer’ message. I left it overnight once and it never printed. Thanks for any info!

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