Wichita Coupon Mom

Here today, Gone Tomorrow

Posted on: March 30, 2009


The title refers to two things.  Printable coupons, and what those printable coupons can buy!  Today I was at my regular Dillon’s at Central and Maize Rd.  It has recently undergone an expansion to make it a Mega Dillons.  More space does not mean more selection.  I have a $.25 coupon to redeem from cellfire, for Cottonelle tp.  Dillon’s carried the 4 pack regular rolls for $.99.  Cottonelle usually put out a $.50 coupon for any size. Dillons’ doubles the coupon. That meant free tp.  Today I discovered there was no spot for the four regular rolls anymore!  NO FREE TP!  Luckily I have about 10 more Dillons in a 5 mile radius, so I’ll check a few others, but they all seem to carry the same products so I may be screwed!  (by the way,  Cottonelle coupons are available now!)

In my most recent post “Don’t Miss Out on Great Printable Coupons” I recommended that serious savers check the coupon sites a lot.  Daily.  Here is a reason why.  I told you there was a Mott’s $.55 off juice or apple sauce…not anymore.  It’s gone, just that fast!  Keep checking the Mott’s site though, the Ensure coupons weren’t available for about 3 weeks after I noticed the link on the couponsinc list. 

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And least I forget condron.us or alphainventions.com

Happy Savings!


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