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Don’t Throw Your Receipts Away!

Posted on: April 3, 2009


When I finally decided to join the millions of people saving money by using coupons, I read tips from lots of sites on the subject.  One thing that stood out was making a price list.  Since I procrastinate by nature, it caused me to hang onto all my receipts.  (I have a big stack to update on my price list now)  I have discovered that this flaw is “a gift and a curse” as Adrian Monk would say.  Before I started my website I was on P&G eSaver, and they were flashing a coupon book offer.  Just send in receipts dated from Dec 31, 2008 to Feb 15, 2009 highlighting $50 in Proctor & Gamble products, and they would send me a coupon book with $120 in coupons to use throughout 2009.  It came Wednesday, and it is a thing of beauty! 

What I have found works best for me, when I implement the procedure properly, is to add new prices to my price list the same day.  I mark the receipt with a highlighter, so that I know those prices were added, then file the receipt in an envelope for that month, at that store, i.e. January-Dillons and keep those in an accordian file.  That way when I need receipts to verify information, or in this case, highlight products and send in for rebates, or coupons, I’ve got them right were I can find them.  However, I don’t send original receipts off without making a copy of them first.  I actually scan them into a file on my computer.  Not every time, just if I have to send the original receipt to someone.  After a year, I purge the coupons, if they are just for groceries.  I do hang on to some Walmart or Target receipts longer if they include non-food items, that might need to be returned.  This is also helpful if you are on a cafeteria program through work, (medical reimbursement).   By hanging onto my receipts for other purposes, last year when we were about $45 short of getting back all of our money, (they keep it after Jan 30th) I was able to go through all my receipts and found more than enough over the counter products that qualified.

So, when you see those little blips of info on a website about sending in receipts or the such, don’t hesitate to fill out the form and send it in.  You could be saving $120 on products this year!

Happy Savings!


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