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Posted on: April 9, 2009


For anyone sitting on the fence about the recycle program through Waste Connections, I offer my experience.  My recycling has been picked up 3 times.  I have earned at total of 272 points (not counting the 40 for signing up).  I requested a coupon on 3/30 and received it 4/6. 

I don’t have to sort my recycling into separate bins, I don’t have to drive any where to drop it off,  and I find more and more things that can be recycled that I just tossed before.  I highly recommend this service.  I believe it will add $3 to my bill each month, but I will save that in gas and wear and tear on my car!  PLUS I get more coupons on things I want! 

So, go to http://www.recyclebank.com and check out what they have to offer.  If the program isn’t available in your area, let them know your interested!


3 Responses to "RecycleBank"

I have a few questions about this program. How much is the typical recycling service? I do not pay for recycling. Instead, there is a school next to my house and they allow me to drop off my paper and plastic products into their recycling bins. Aluminum cans, we typically try to collect them for spare change.
Are the points worth subscribing to the service?

Here’s a summary of my first bill…
I pay my curbside service plus 11.25 for recycling. (three month billing cycle) My first pickup was worth 75.0 points, second was 87.5 and the last one was 110. I have another pickup today.
Of course, your rates may be different, maybe even better! There might be some competition in your area.
Although we have lots of aluminum cans, we didn’t collect them for $ because we have to take them so far. I did drop off newspaper at Dillons, but having to take bags of stuff somewhere, when I can drop it in my own cannister, that’s picked up at my curb, was so much more appealing, and I’m doing a much better job of recycling. The trash can is never full anymore!
For me the food coupons are the “thing”. I recently ordered a Kashi Buy 2 GoLean Crunch get 1 free. Does this help?

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