Wichita Coupon Mom

This Should Work In Theory

Posted on: April 9, 2009


Here’s one I missed, and only time will tell if this is going to work….

General Mills Cereal 3/$8* 9-13 oz or Nature Valley, Fiber One or Chex Mix Bars 5.3-8.9 oz Select Varieties *Buy 3 Mix or Match. Get a Free Gallon Milk. Limits apply. See store for details.

Tons of printable coupons have been available for all three of these. (Nature Valley at coupons.com) If you use a $.60 off 1 for each that makes each box $1.66.  Shortcuts has a $1.00 off two and cellfire has a $.50 off one, that makes an additional savings of $1.50 divided by three, which is the number you have to buy, you’ll get each box for $1.16.  Keep in mind I have not purchased anything that had both a cellfire and a shortcuts coupons, so I don’t know if this is going to work.  But it should.  PLUS you get a free gallon of milk! 

Happy Saving!


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