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Who Doesn’t Want to Save Money?

Posted on: April 16, 2009


I just made a trip to Walmart to pick up a few things, like $.18 lb bananas.  While I was there I got 4 bottles of v8 v-fusion (the new flavors) for $.98 each!  I used one of my Sierra Mist coupons and got two bottles for $.62 each.  I bought my three boxes of Kashi GoLean crunch with one free they were 1.98 each.  I got additional coupons from ebay for Green Giant Valley Fresh steamers (they are back to 1.23 each) and got them for $.73 each.  All in all the original bill was $81.04 and after coupons it was $58.86 (before tax).  I am now convinced that the time I spend searching, printing, clipping and filing coupons is well worth it.  A few months ago, I would have gone to Walmart for everything, and not used one coupon.  Now I don’t go anywhere without my binder of coupons!

By the way, strawberries are 1.50 lb.  Bell peppers 2/$1.  Great Value cheese 8oz $1.50.

Another note, since I don’t shop at Walgreens or Target, I don’t have any information to pass along.  I have linked to Kansas Saver.  She’s from Overland Park, and has the scoop on these two stores.  So give her a read if you’re looking for even more great deals and steals!


1 Response to "Who Doesn’t Want to Save Money?"

Thanks for the linkback! Somehow, with the pingback feature, it didn’t show that you had linked to me!
Anyway, that’s sad to hear about your insert situation. Have you checked some of the Metro area papers in the area?
I know I ONLY get my Sunday paper inserts from the KC Star. Maybe we could arrange something and I could buy you one or two and send them to you? I’d be more than happy to be your KC liason for inserts! haha.
It’s too bad I don’t have a Dillon’s close by my house. There’s several in Lawrence but it’s about a 45 minute drive and I don’t really find anything worth driving out there unless there’s a bunch of free items and maybe a trip out to see the siblings at KU.
Well, the blog is still looking good! Keep up the great work 😀
Will totally check out Walmart this week. Haven’t been in a few weeks and I keep hearing about so many good deals that I’ve missed out on.

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