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Posted on: April 22, 2009


I hate the websites that make you look at a bunch of offers before they take you to a coupon.  I don’t participate in those online offers that pay you in some way for completing different programs.  (If you, however, are interested in these types of programs go to Money Saving Methods to learn more.)  I just want my coupon, and I want it now. 

In the beginning though, I did sign up for lots of website emails and completed a few of those surveys, thinking I would get a different set of coupons from what is offered on the no hassle coupon sites.  Just wasn’t so.  But one of those first sites was Vocalpoint.  This one I highly recommend.  I get an occasional email, but more importantly, I get these cool little packets in the mail with free samples of product and coupons.  For example, this week I got a cute little box and inside was a bowl of Kelloggs Frosted Mini-Wheats and 6 coupons.  One for BOGO and 5 more for $1 off a box to share with family and friends.  With Dillons sale of Kelloggs cereal this week, I can score a box for $1.09.  These aren’t the little boxes either.  Nice big ones.  I have also gotten Starkist Tuna coupons, Delmonte fruit coupons, and a few others I can no longer recall.  At any rate, this is an excellent coupons resource, so I highly recommend that you follow the link to their site and get signed up, if you aren’t already.  You can still get in on a few of the promotions they are offering now.  Click here to get signed up.

Happy Savings!


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