Wichita Coupon Mom

A Very Special Thank You!

Posted on: April 24, 2009


This is to the handful of loyal return readers that I know I have.  Don’t worry, I don’t know who you are, just that you return to my website and blog regularly.  Some people stop by once a week, and a few of you come by every single day.  THANK YOU! 

And to those loyal readers I invite your feedback.  Is there a feature you would like me to attempt?  Is there something on the website you think needs work?  Are you just happy to read my silly little blogs, and have somewhere to go to get to all the coupon sites?  How can I serve you better?

I promise, that if you contact me via email, I won’t harass you.  I won’t send you offers and give your contact information to anyone.  I just want to get your feedback, so I can make my site better, for you. 

If you like what you read, would you  please invite a friend or two to check out my website? 

And while your on the internet, maybe you could stop by my other site,


I have neglected it for the last month or so, but it’s time to get it going full force again.

Again, I really do want to thank those of you who find my site interesting enough to stop by regularly, and hope you will let me know when it needs fixing, before you stop coming by.

A very grateful Wichita Coupon Mom!


4 Responses to "A Very Special Thank You!"

Hi I check your site daily, I will post a link on my facebook.

Your patronage is greatly appreciated!

I thought I read before something about advertising on your site. Can you give me some more information on that? I have a side remodeling business that I would like to start advertising for.

I’ll send you an email.

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