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I have a confession to make.  I have been telling myself since I began couponing, that it was to save money, but I have found myself spending money I didn’t really need to, because I had a coupon.  I do believe in stocking up on items I would normally buy, when they are on sale.  But what I was doing went beyond that. 

So I have decided to put myself on a very strict budget.  I am determined to limit myself to $200 per month on groceries,  and an additional $100 for household, and personal items.  To do this, I will have to keep an inventory of everything I have, so as not to purchase items when they are not on sale.  I will also have to be very diligent about making a menu each week and only making additional purchases to complete those meals, making sure to utilize items I have on hand in the “stock room”. 

To be fair, I have to add that I have a Cargill Meat connection and buy most of my meats from them, by the case.  I get boneless, skinless chicken breasts, chubs of hamburger meat, pork tenderloins and bacon on a regular basis.  I also buy pork spareribs, spiral hams, and other bulk items when they are available.  But, I’m including the purchases of these meats in my monthly budget.  I fill in with other meat items that are on sale or that I have a coupon for (or both) to add variety.  For example, I bought 2 roasts at Dillons yesterday, because they were BOGO.  A few days before that I bought 2 packages of cubed steak that were in the Managers Special case.  They had been marked down.  They still had a couple of days before the use by date, so I didn’t have to worry.  The key for me is going to be to stay ahead of the game, by having things onhand for two weeks or more, worth of meals and filling in with fresh produce. 

How am I going to accomplish this?  By keeping a close eye on what’s on sale and matching coupons whenever they are available.  Yesterday I made trips to Dillons, White’s Foodliner and Walmart.   At Walmart I spent $14.78 before tax on grocery items with coupons and price matching.  I priced matched egss for $.59 doz, bananas for $.18#, Peter Pan peanut butter for $1.59 (also had $1 q) and Ronzoni Pasta for $.99 (had $1/2 q).  So the price above is after coupons.  I also purchased toilet paper and Mr. Clean erasers.  I buy White Cloud 4 pk double rolls.  They are $2 each and I bought 80 coupons on ebay for $5 for $1 off ea. (they’re good til 8/10)  So I spent $5 on tp and on the Mr. Cleans I had a $.75 coupon and a BOGO so I got two packages for  $1.21.  (my total bill before coupons was 34.20 and after coupons was 20.99+tax)

I went to Whites Foodliner to buy some produce they had on sale.  Pears, zucchini, jalapeno peppers, coleslaw mix all for $1 per lb or package.  10# bag of potatoes for $1.98 (nice OreIda spuds) and while I was there discoverd they had their store brand of cheese for $1 so I got 3 of them.  Total bill $11.64+tax.

My biggest expense was at Dillons.  I bought strawberries, blue berries, orange juice, bread, choc. milk, 2 roasts, pringles, doritos, green giant veggies and a whole ham that I had cut for ham steaks and sandwiches.  Total bill $40.04+tax.  But some of the items I put in the “store room” for a later date.  Total for this period is $66.46.  I have $133.54 to finish out June.

I’ll continue to post my purchases here, so you can see how I’m doing.  In my household I feed 6 people.  4 adults and two children, and I provide staples for another adult child when they need them.  So, if I can pull this off, then almost anyone else can.  Let’s just see how I do!

And if you’re curious, here is the menu for this week.

Monday-smoked chicken, green beans. (we smoke two whole chickens)

Tues-BBQ pork tenderloin-pasta salad-peas (I used one out of a package of 2)

Wed-Smoked chick and spinach salad (other half of Monday’s chick)

Thur-Cornbread/taco cassarole-Salad

Fri-Chicken Fried Steaks-mashed pot w/gravy-green beans (the cubed steaks I got on “clearance”)

Sat-Smoked tilipia-rice pilaf-salad (I bought a 10# box of tilipia from Cargill just before Lent, still have some in the freezer)

Breakfast can be cereal, pancakes or yogurt and fruit salads.

I pack a lunch for my husband most days, and the boys and I eat sandwiches, or leftovers.

So, wish me luck, and stay tuned!

Happy Savings!



7 or 8 months ago, if you asked me where was the best place to buy diapers and training pants (price wise) I would have said Walmart without hesitation.  Today, I will tell you Dillons, hands down.  Since I began coupon shopping I have discovered that Dillons almost always has a sale on a name brand, like Huggies or Pampers.  Huggies is my preference, in both diaper and training pant.  And if you cut coupons and download coupons to a loyalty card, you know that Huggies always has coupons available.  At Dillons you can redeem both the paper coupon and the “virtual” coupon on one product.  That can add up to $4 !

Well, sometimes you even get a better surprise.  Yesterday I went to Dillons and purchased 2 Huggies Pullups.  One day and one overnite.  I had intended to also buy a pack of Goodnites, but they were all out of the smaller package for boys, so I had to settle for the Comforts brand this week.  The Huggies are on sale for $8.99 each and the Comforts cost $7.99.  I had 2 $2 off printable coupons for the Huggies and 1 $2 off on my Dillons card from Shortcuts.  There must be a promotion going on at Dillons I didn’t know about, because an additional $3 discount rang up when I checked out.  So, instead of paying $25.97 for the 3 packs of pants, I paid $16.97 before tax.  I saved $9.  That’s like getting a free pack! 

Before I made the wonderful discovery of coupons, I bought White Cloud brands of diapers and training pants at Walmart.  (Except for nite pants, I had to buy Goodnites).  The last time I checked the White Cloud training pants cost $9.47 for 21.  I have not ever found a coupon for the White Cloud diapers or training pants, not to say they don’t exist. 

So, be sure you do your research.  You could be saving yourself a nice little chunk of money!  Don’t forget to keep your receipts.  Especially with Huggies purchases.  Register with Caregivers Marketplace for a $.75 rebate on every package you buy.  Go to my website for a link to their website!  Be sure to review the list of eligible items, you might find other items you buy qualify!

Happy Savings!


So, I’ve read countless blogs and forums about how people were making big scores at Walgreens with the Register Rewards, (and now defunct Rebates program).  I would try to follow what they were doing, and it was just waaayyy over my head.  But this week, as I scanned the Walgreens ads, I kept thinking, “this can’t be that hard!”  So I sat down, made a list of the items that had RR’s and if I had a coupon for them.  I decided to try my first purchase on Monday and it went like this…..

The plan was to buy the following items in this order….

1st transaction  Buy Colgate Visible White for $4.49, and Bayer Quick Release for $2.49.  Use a $1Q for Colgate spending $5.98 (plus tax) and getting $6.98 in RR’s. 

2nd T. Buy 2 Off Clip ons for $8.99 using a 2Q and a BOGO and paying with my $6.98 in RR’s.  I figured my oop to be $.01 and possible tax.  I would get $3 RR’s.

3rd Buy Edge shaving cream for $1.99 and Bic lighter for $2.99 using $.75 Q on Edge and $1 Q on Bic.  Cost $3.23 use my $3 RR’s and pay $.23 plus tax.  Getting $2 RR’s.

4th Buy Glade Lasting Impressions for $8.99 use $4Q and $2 RR’s leaving $2.99 + tax.  Getting $1.50 in RR’s.

When I got there, I got cold feet since I had never done this before.  I decided to start smaller so this is what I actually did….

I bought Dry Idea for $5.99 and 2 Neosporin for 2/$10.  Used a $2Q on Dry Idea and did not on the Neosporin for fear I wouldn’t get the $4 RR’s on it.  Total was $13.99 and tax was $1.01 for total oop of $15.00. I had $9 in RR’s.  So then I had the cashier ring up my Off clip on’s.  I got 2 at $8.99 each.  I had a $2Q and a BOGO.  Those both worked fine, however, the RRs would not work.  So I paid $8.12 for the two Off clip ons with tax.  I got $3 RRs.  Now I’ve spent $23.12 and haven’t figured out how to use my RRs. 

So Tuesday morning I sent my buddy Kansas Saver an email to find out what I did wrong.   Duh, the RRs are like coupons, so you have to have a filler item to make them work! 

So, today I had to buy baby wipes, and decided to go to Walgreens to see if I could get the RRs to work for me,   here is how it went down….

I found Walgreens brand wipes, 2/$5 and also BOGO, and then bought another Dry Idea for $5.99.  I used a $2Q for the dry idea and $4 RR’s.  Retail cost was $11.97 I paid $2.98 + tax.  (tot $3.55) $8.99 savings. I also got $5 RRs

Then I bought 2 Off Clip on’s at $8.99 each and a bag of M&M’s for $.59.  Used my $2q from this weeks paper, plus BOGO printable coupon and my $5 RRs from above.  Retail cost was $18.57 I paid $2.58 + tax ($3.75) $15.99 savings and I got another $3 RRs.

Then I bought 1 Glade Lasting Impression for $8.99 and 1 bag of M&M’s for $.50.  I used a $4Q from the paper, and my $5 RR’s from Monday for a total of $.49 + tax. ($1.09)  Retail cost was $9.49 I saved $9.00!  I also got $3 RRs for my next trip!

If you are wondering about the difference in cost for the M&M’s (they were identical) one bag was package as 2/$1 and the other wasn’t.  They had different bar codes!  I should have paid better attention!  And as I have read on several blogs, you will pay tax on some of the discounted items, as I did in transaction #3. 

So for my first attempt at Walgreens savings, I got $74 worth of items and actually paid $27.03 before tax.  A savings of $46.97.

I think I might just get the hang of this.  Kansas Saver also advises you should save some of your RRs for the next week, to keep your oop expense in check.

The key here is to remember, you need a small priced non coupon item if you are using coupons with your RRs, or just another item you were going to purchase anyway, (like wipes) and not use an additional clipped or printed coupon.  At least that’s how it worked for me. 

If anyone else out there has a different story to tell, please leave a comment.  We can all learn to save money in new ways!


On my website I post links to grocery stores in the Wichita Area.  I realize that not everyone wants to drive to Goddard, or Haysville, or Valley Center to save a few pennies on just a couple of things.  Keeping in mind, though, that all of these stores double coupons up to or including $1, if you have a lot of coupons for one item, like Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, and one of these stores has them priced at $1.25 a bag, driving 8 miles one way to save $20 might not be such a stretch!  But if it’s a normal week, and there is no fabulous sale, don’t think for one minute you can’t take advantage of an item they have advertised for less than at Walmart.  Example, Homeland in Haysville has Pepsi products advertised on the website page of their flyer 5/$12.00.  That’s $2.40 a 12 pack.  Or $4.80 for a 24 pack if you want to compare apples to apples.  Walmart has 24 packs priced at $4.98.  That’s an $.18 difference.  And personally, I would rather buy 12 packs, because their easier to store, and I can buy a bigger variety of drinks at a lower cost!  Another item that I’m sure is priced lower this week, is 12 oz. packages of Kraft American Singles. $1.59 each and with your Kraft coupons you have printed out, that’s $1 each at Walmart.  Now if your on that side of town, according to their coupon policy that’s $.59 a package, because with their loyalty card, they will double coupons including $1!  Check with the store on limits.  They are also advertising Kraft BBQ sauce for $.79.  I got it for $.98 at Walmart, so it was still free, but if your going to Homeland and still have a couple of these, your not losing any money! 

My point here is, don’t be afraid to buy these items at Walmart and have the cashier price match them for you.  Just be prepared to show them the ad copy of that item.  Especially if you’re price matching something Walmart already has on sale, like the Pepsi!  They have the signs all over the store, and there should never be a time that they refuse a legitimate sale price, if you can back it up.  I like to tell the cashier up front that I intend to price match a few items, so they don’t get ahead of me while I’m putting things on the conveyer.

I want to point out that, the printed flyer that is available at Homeland this week, is slightly different than the one on the web.  The web has the Pepsi products 5/$12 and the printed copy I got in the mail has Coke products 3/$9.99.  So if you are going to price match at Walmart, make sure you have the copy that has the product you want.

Checking the area sales before you shop at Walmart, may help you save even more money!  So don’t be afraid to price match!



Free pullup diapers Sample

http://instoresnow. walmart.com/ enhancedrenderco ntent_ektid71356 .aspx

Free Flatbread Melts for the first 100,000

http://tinyurl. com/ogxuhp

Wet Ones


Windex Outdoor All-In-One Starter Kit coupon


Free Deep Vein Thrombosis Awarness Kit
( Comes with A dozen pairs of socks ,Decorating tools including a mini glue stick, ribbon stickers, and bag of mixed buttons,Sharpie Pens in assorted colors ,
A glitter glue pen set in assorted colors and more)
https://www. preventdvt. org/bydesign/ forms/kit. aspx

The following information comes from Melinda at yahoo group couponsanddeals.
At Target WITH Manufacturer and Target Coupon
Kraft Natural Cheese 99 cents
Kraft Mayo 49 cents
Kraft Dressing 49 cents
Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs 4 cents
Triscuits 54 cents
Wheat Thins 54 cents
Ritz Crackers 50 cents
Crystal Light $1.99

At Dillons:
Oscar Mayer Bologna 38 cents with Manufacturer Coupon

You should be able to print 2 on each site:
Go to Kraftfoods.com
Homelandstores.com (Click on Grocery Coupons)

Target coupons are at afullcup.com (click on tools, then target generator)

Free Sample Of Healthy Feet ( Foot Cream)
Use Code HFEET1
http://www.tenderco rp.com/healthife et/get_sample. php
http://tinyurl. com/bqc7ax

Free Sample Of Bodycology Hand Soap,Lotion & Mist
From Walmart
http://instoresnow. walmart.com/ enhancedrenderco ntent_ektid70742 .aspx
http://tinyurl. com/p79exp

Free Kelloggs All Bran Promise Kit
The All-Bran 10-Day Promise is a simple way to help your body work a little better. And now you can start it for free. Sign up now to receive your free Promise Pack.Offer available while supplies last. Limit one request per name, address or household.
http://www.all- bran.com/ register. html
http://tinyurl. com/owovkd

Free Sample Always Clean ( for women)
http://www.always. com/clean/
http://tinyurl. com/md3v6

She does a great job of finding freebies and super deals and then emails them to the people in her group.  So I thought I would share them too!

Happy Savings!

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