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White’s IGA Sale Flyer for 5/6/09

Posted on: May 5, 2009


White’s has put their new flyer up a day early.  Click on the link on my website to check it out!  Remember, you can price match at Walmart if you take a copy of the ad with you, but White’s does double coupons upto $1 in the same fashion that Dillons does.


2 Responses to "White’s IGA Sale Flyer for 5/6/09"

This week’s Leeker’s Shopper Ads has 6 pages of savings!



*** http://www.leekers.com/ads/CurrentWeek/large/3.pdf

*** http://www.leekers.com/ads/CurrentWeek/large/4.pdf



Pages 3 and 4 are the special 3 DAY ONLY sale pages for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks Ren,

I have set up what I hope are permant links to Leeker’s, White’s and Homeland on my website for everyone to check each week!

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