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Area Store Sale Ads

Posted on: May 7, 2009


Just a FYI for my regular readers.  I have placed what I hope are permanent links to the ads for Homeland, Leekers, and White’s on my website.  So far, these have updated automatically.  I will continue to monitor them to ensure they stay intact with the most current information available. 

Different Subject

If you’re a “buys good coupons from ebay” person like me, you might be hanging onto some Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers that came out about a month or more ago, for $.50 off 1 bag.  I used a bunch when Walmart had them for $1 a bag.  I was hoping they would repeat that sale, but hey, White’s has them this week for $1.25 per bag!  And they double up to $1 just like Dillons.  So I’ll be driving to White’s to get me some 25 cent veggies!!!!

Now if I can just find someone that still carries Cottonelle regular roll 4 pks for around $1, I’ll be happy!


2 Responses to "Area Store Sale Ads"

i heard from a lady the other day that you can stack coupons at leekers… do you know if this is true?

I haven’t ventured to Leekers to try out their coupon policy. I haven’t ever noticed any store coupons for Leekers in their ads, and I don’t know if they have a loyalty card that allows you to load coupons. Maybe someone else knows the real answer to this question and will share it with us here!!!???

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