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Coupons.com has a ton of Kraft Coupons

Posted on: May 12, 2009


(check out this blog for how you can get 6 or more coupons per item)

Well, now that Mother’s Day has passed, and the family has been able to pull me off my new Wii and Balance Board, I can get back down to business. 

I’m a day late on this, but better late than never, right?  Kraft has put a bunch of coupons on coupons.com and they are G O O D!  $1 off’s on a lot of products.  You don’t even have to buy 2 or 3 things to get the savings!  SCORE!  Don’t mess around too long though.  It states in the fine print that coupons are limited to a certain number, then they will be gone with the wind.  Hopefully they won’t pull a KFC on us.

Maybe tomorrow every store will have a huge Kraft sale, and we’ll just have to figure out where we want to save the money!

Just let me get mine printed first, okay?

Happy Savings!


2 Responses to "Coupons.com has a ton of Kraft Coupons"

Hey.. they just reset their coupons today. You can now get 4 of each!

well.. if you got them yesterday. which i see you didn’t because you said “i’m a day late on this”.. duh me! hahaha..
well maybe they’ll reset tomorrow.. gotta keep printing those things!

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