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Kansas Saver Should Change Her Site Name to Super Saver!

Posted on: May 13, 2009


I know there are a ton of blogs out there where we share our bargain and coupon successes, but if you haven’t check out KansasSaver you could be “leaving money on the table” as my husband likes to say.  She lives in the Overland Park area, but most of the items she list can be picked up here for the same price!  She puts everything into a spread sheet that she shares, and this week has even listed a ton of stuff she can get for almost nothing at Walmart!  Now, if she only had a Dillons nearby too! 

Be sure you check out her blog before you set out to Walmart!


1 Response to "Kansas Saver Should Change Her Site Name to Super Saver!"

I WISH! There’s one in my college town (Lawrence/KU).. but it’s so not worth the drive sometimes.. I’m not ever “up on the deals” for Dillon’s to actually find time to get out there. I should though.. wouldn’t that be something!

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