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Don’t Be Afraid To Price Match!

Posted on: May 21, 2009


On my website I post links to grocery stores in the Wichita Area.  I realize that not everyone wants to drive to Goddard, or Haysville, or Valley Center to save a few pennies on just a couple of things.  Keeping in mind, though, that all of these stores double coupons up to or including $1, if you have a lot of coupons for one item, like Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, and one of these stores has them priced at $1.25 a bag, driving 8 miles one way to save $20 might not be such a stretch!  But if it’s a normal week, and there is no fabulous sale, don’t think for one minute you can’t take advantage of an item they have advertised for less than at Walmart.  Example, Homeland in Haysville has Pepsi products advertised on the website page of their flyer 5/$12.00.  That’s $2.40 a 12 pack.  Or $4.80 for a 24 pack if you want to compare apples to apples.  Walmart has 24 packs priced at $4.98.  That’s an $.18 difference.  And personally, I would rather buy 12 packs, because their easier to store, and I can buy a bigger variety of drinks at a lower cost!  Another item that I’m sure is priced lower this week, is 12 oz. packages of Kraft American Singles. $1.59 each and with your Kraft coupons you have printed out, that’s $1 each at Walmart.  Now if your on that side of town, according to their coupon policy that’s $.59 a package, because with their loyalty card, they will double coupons including $1!  Check with the store on limits.  They are also advertising Kraft BBQ sauce for $.79.  I got it for $.98 at Walmart, so it was still free, but if your going to Homeland and still have a couple of these, your not losing any money! 

My point here is, don’t be afraid to buy these items at Walmart and have the cashier price match them for you.  Just be prepared to show them the ad copy of that item.  Especially if you’re price matching something Walmart already has on sale, like the Pepsi!  They have the signs all over the store, and there should never be a time that they refuse a legitimate sale price, if you can back it up.  I like to tell the cashier up front that I intend to price match a few items, so they don’t get ahead of me while I’m putting things on the conveyer.

I want to point out that, the printed flyer that is available at Homeland this week, is slightly different than the one on the web.  The web has the Pepsi products 5/$12 and the printed copy I got in the mail has Coke products 3/$9.99.  So if you are going to price match at Walmart, make sure you have the copy that has the product you want.

Checking the area sales before you shop at Walmart, may help you save even more money!  So don’t be afraid to price match!



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