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I Got A Nice Surprise At Dillons Yesterday!

Posted on: May 29, 2009


7 or 8 months ago, if you asked me where was the best place to buy diapers and training pants (price wise) I would have said Walmart without hesitation.  Today, I will tell you Dillons, hands down.  Since I began coupon shopping I have discovered that Dillons almost always has a sale on a name brand, like Huggies or Pampers.  Huggies is my preference, in both diaper and training pant.  And if you cut coupons and download coupons to a loyalty card, you know that Huggies always has coupons available.  At Dillons you can redeem both the paper coupon and the “virtual” coupon on one product.  That can add up to $4 !

Well, sometimes you even get a better surprise.  Yesterday I went to Dillons and purchased 2 Huggies Pullups.  One day and one overnite.  I had intended to also buy a pack of Goodnites, but they were all out of the smaller package for boys, so I had to settle for the Comforts brand this week.  The Huggies are on sale for $8.99 each and the Comforts cost $7.99.  I had 2 $2 off printable coupons for the Huggies and 1 $2 off on my Dillons card from Shortcuts.  There must be a promotion going on at Dillons I didn’t know about, because an additional $3 discount rang up when I checked out.  So, instead of paying $25.97 for the 3 packs of pants, I paid $16.97 before tax.  I saved $9.  That’s like getting a free pack! 

Before I made the wonderful discovery of coupons, I bought White Cloud brands of diapers and training pants at Walmart.  (Except for nite pants, I had to buy Goodnites).  The last time I checked the White Cloud training pants cost $9.47 for 21.  I have not ever found a coupon for the White Cloud diapers or training pants, not to say they don’t exist. 

So, be sure you do your research.  You could be saving yourself a nice little chunk of money!  Don’t forget to keep your receipts.  Especially with Huggies purchases.  Register with Caregivers Marketplace for a $.75 rebate on every package you buy.  Go to my website for a link to their website!  Be sure to review the list of eligible items, you might find other items you buy qualify!

Happy Savings!


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