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This week, Dillons is giving you an additional $3 off when you purchase 10 products found on page 2 inside their circular.  If you still have some of the coupons, you can save even more…examples

Manwich $.70 – $.50/2 coupons doubled is $.20 each

Chef Boyardee, I got a $1 off 4 from ConAgra in the mail so they’ll be $.33 each

Cheerios (they show Reese’s in the ad too and they still have coupons to print for them )are either $.186 with a coupon from this Sundays paper ($1/2) or $1.36 w/coupons printed from the Betty Crocker and Pillsbury sites ($.55/1).  You have to get these when they first show up, because they put a print limit on them.

Kraft BBQ, if you still have some left from the big Kraft coupon promo, then they are really free, or you can get a coupon from Sundays paper.  Still free!

Betty Crocker fruit snacks $1.49 each with $.55/2 coupons in Sunday paper and online. 

I have a few Oscar Meyer franks coupons from the Kraft push, from the paper and from a special mailing I signed up for.  They will be either $1.49 a package or $.99 a package depending on which kind I buy.

I have several Ragu coupons from past inserts so they will be $.86 each. 

I still have my Breyers coupons for $1 off so I’ll snag it for $1.69. 

If  you don’t have coupons to buy 10 items super cheap, then you can fill in with the really cheap Banquet dinners for $.70 each or maybe some Cheetos and Fritos!

Other items to consider this week at Dillons might be Crest Toothpaste, 2/$5.  I have a couple of coupons that will make them 2/$3.  Hillshire sausage is BOGO and I have $.55/2 coupons, so instead of $4.49 for 2 I’ll pay $3.49 for two. (these were from a Sunday insert awhile back)

And Sunny D’s a dollar.  I still have a $.25 coupons from Dillons from about a month ago.

So, good luck and happy savings!



Ok, so I finally figured out how to put the WalgreensRegister Rewards to work for me.  I admit, I don’t find a whole lot of things to buy every week, but I do find one or two items that I feel make it worth the quick little trip to stop in.  There is a Walgreens right next to my Dillons.  Here is what I am doing this week. 

They have Coke 12 pack products on sale 4/$13 and $3 in RR’s.  I had a $3 RR left from last week, so I bought 4 Coke products for $10.  That is $2.50 a 12 pack.  That price is hard to beat.  They also have Aquafresh Toothpaste for $3 and $3 RR’s.  I will use my $3 RR from the Coke to buy the Aquafresh, and one other small priced item, because I’m also stacking a $.75 Aquafresh q on top of that, and getting the Aquafresh for free.  I’ll take that $3 RR and get 4 more Coke products and probably save those $3 RR for next week, or I might get one more Aquafresh and then save the $3 RR for next week.

What’s important to remember is this, if you have a RR and a coupon you want to use on one particular item, you need to buy one more small thing to make the RR work. 

If you are new to the Walgreens “thing” then I suggest you start out this week by purchasing the Aquafresh toothpaste first.  Be sure to clip the coupon out or print one off the Internet.  Then use the $3 RR you’ll get towards the purchase of the Coke products, (Dr. Pepper was included).  You’ll get three more RR’s and you can buy more toothpaste, or save them for next week, or you can continue this purchase process until the sale is over.  However, at the end of the week, be sure you have saved some RR to use next week, to keep your out of pocket spending to a minimum.

Now get out there and save some money!


I know I don’t have a huge following of readers, but I do know I have about a dozen people who visit my site and read my blog on a regular basis, and to them I want to again express my thanks.  You have a choice of literally 100’s of other sites and blogs to visit for the kind of information I post here and feature on my website.  But for some reason you choose to make my site and blog one of your regular stops. 

You may wonder how I know that certain people visit more regularly than others.  I have a service through StatCounter that logs all the visits to my site.  It can’t tell me who you are, but I know where you are, and what you do while on my site.(But don’t worry, I’m not going to do any creepy online stalking)  So I know that not just people here in Wichita are coming back but people all around Kansas, and even from other states!  And while I’m not blowing it up here on the internet, you who do visit regularly, help keep my site visible to the internet “Powers That Be”.

So let me say it again………..Thank You Very Much!

Please tell your friends and family about my site, and if you have a little time on your hands, check out my other sites too.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                      Denise

Happy Savings!


Just in case you didn’t notice it in the Sunday paper, KMart is doubling coupons up to $2 this week.  In the fine print they limit the number of items and coupons per visit.  You can only get 4 of the same item, and only use 10 coupons per day.  A lot of items were sold out when I was there Monday, but I hope they will be restocking throughout the week.  It didn’t take me long to find 10 items to use coupons on though, and I spent an average of $1 per item.  I mostly stocked up on deodorant and body wash that my sons like.  I’ll be making at least one more visit this week.


All the printable sites appear to reloaded with new coupons!  I see some very nice ones on Yoplait 32 oz yogurts that I’ll be stocking up on.  Remember, sometimes if you visit multiple sites, you can get more of the coupons you want.  I have found this not to be the case with Redplum.  If you visit my website and click on the Homeland link, you can find a coupon tab there, that will let you print even more! 

Since my blog friend Kansas Saver is down for a while, I will try to fill in where she left off on Walgreens and Target.  If you sign up at www.afullcup.com you can click on the Target coupon generator and get additional savings at Target.  The Gold n Plump chicken coupons are good until 7/1 and Target has an additional $1 off again this week. 

I was not impressed with the Register Rewards at Walgreens this week, so I forgot about a $3 RR and let it expire!  That is shameful!  I have $4.50 more I better use today!  I’ll blog about what I decided to do.

Ok, time to get busy printing and saving!



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