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Check out page 4 of the Homeland ad for this week. 

Go to coupons.com and print off the $1/2 Bic Stationary Products, then either go to Homeland, or print off a copy of the ad and take it to Walmart and get 2 packs of Bic pens for $.18!!!!  Filler paper was $.75 at Walmart, so you may want to price match that too!  Spiral notebooks were $.15 at Walmart, 8/$1 equals $.125 each.



Dear Wichita Coupon Mom,

You can get your favorite coupons out! This week we are having a DOUBLE DOLLAR coupon week!

**We will DOUBLE manufacturer’s coupons up to & including $1 for one week only! Double value is not to exceed retail price of item. Tobacco, cigarettes & free coupons will not be doubled. Three coupon limit on same or like items (example: If six identical items are purchased, only three coupons will be accepted). And, please be aware, we will no longer double internet coupons.

For more information about our stores and to find even more links and recipes  – visit us at http://www.Leekers.com.

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While shopping for school supplies and groceries this weekend, I found a remarkable sale on Capri Sun’s at the Walmart in New Market Square.  They were only $1 a box!  So today I went back and bought some more to stock in my “store room” downstairs.  I shared this fabulous sale with my niece Karen.  So she went to the Walmart on West Kellogg to pick some up for her kids, but when she got there she discovered they were $1.97 each.  That’s Walmarts regular price for Capri Suns.  She called me to verify which store I bought them at.  I told her to tell the cashier she wanted to price match them to the New Market Square Walmart.  They told her they don’t price match their other stores, because they’re not in competition with them.  WHAT?  Then why do you have different prices for your products at a store that is in the same general vicinity? 

So, now to get the better price she has to drive to 21 & Maize Rd. and buy the Capri Suns at that location. 

I can understand that prices may not be the same at Walmarts in two different cities, but not in the same city.  There are at least 6 different Walmarts in the Wichita area.  I’m not counting Derby or Augusta, just Wichita proper.  And they’re telling the public that prices may vary as much as a dollar, from one store to the other?  Always the best prices?  Guess not.


I’ve already been out to Walmart and found some very good buys on crayons, notebooks, Bic pens, and glue.  If you don’t know what supplies your kids need, check the internet.  Most of the districts have their generic supplies listed, so you can at the very least start getting the things that are on sale.  Be sure to go to coupons.com and print off the $1/2 coupons for any Bic stationary, and get your pens for $.50 instead of $1!

But…be sure to check the sales at all the stores.  Remember, even if you don’t want to run all over town to pick up school supplies, just take the ads with you to Walmart and have them match the prices!


If you’re hunting the bargains this week, be sure to go to my website and check the ads for Whites’, Leekers, and Homeland before heading out.  Whites’ and Leekers are both have great 10 for $10 sales on General Mills products, like Hamburger Helper, cake mixes, muffin mixes, brownies, and other items to stock up on before school gets into full swing.  Whites also has Blue Bunny Ice Cream for $2.88 and with this coupon you can save $1.  Be sure to read that you can only choose one coupon to print. 

And although you may not want to drive to these store, you can always print the ad and take it to Walmart for price matching.  Just keep in mind, if you are using coupons, (and most of the items I mentioned have printable coupons right now) Walmart will only give you actual face value, while Whites’, Leekers, and Homeland all offer double coupons.

Happy Saving!


Stop by my website and grab a free copy of the Chicken Recipes ebook, yours to download just for stopping by.  Past recipe books that were available were Crock pot Recipes, and Smoothie Recipes.  If you missed these, just leave me a comment or send me an email and I’ll hook you up!

I try to post a new recipe collection every month, so check the website often.  I also offer links to all of the coupon sites I have found and to the Wichita area store ads, so bookmark my site and make it a regular stop. 

Don’t forget to check out SwagBucks too.  It’s a site that offers you digital dollars  for using them to start an internet search, or shop at an online retailer, like Walmart.  I earned 8 SwagBucks for buying a Steamfast steam mop from Walmart when I accessed the Walmart site through them.  Now that they offer PayPal dollars, I find them to be even more useful. 

So, if your going to be on the computer anyway, why not get some free stuff and earn some digital dollars, right?


Swagbucks is a website that offers digital dollars when you use their site to access web searches, (the  information is provided through Goggle and Ask.com) or shop online at well known retailers, through their site.  Then with the digital dollars you can purchase “stuff”, but now that they offer PayPal cash, I’m really excited!  You can earn $$ for anything you want! Who else pays you to search the internet?  So click the link below and sign up today and starting earning to shop and search!


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