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Walmart Won’t Price Match It’s Own Stores!

Posted on: July 28, 2009


While shopping for school supplies and groceries this weekend, I found a remarkable sale on Capri Sun’s at the Walmart in New Market Square.  They were only $1 a box!  So today I went back and bought some more to stock in my “store room” downstairs.  I shared this fabulous sale with my niece Karen.  So she went to the Walmart on West Kellogg to pick some up for her kids, but when she got there she discovered they were $1.97 each.  That’s Walmarts regular price for Capri Suns.  She called me to verify which store I bought them at.  I told her to tell the cashier she wanted to price match them to the New Market Square Walmart.  They told her they don’t price match their other stores, because they’re not in competition with them.  WHAT?  Then why do you have different prices for your products at a store that is in the same general vicinity? 

So, now to get the better price she has to drive to 21 & Maize Rd. and buy the Capri Suns at that location. 

I can understand that prices may not be the same at Walmarts in two different cities, but not in the same city.  There are at least 6 different Walmarts in the Wichita area.  I’m not counting Derby or Augusta, just Wichita proper.  And they’re telling the public that prices may vary as much as a dollar, from one store to the other?  Always the best prices?  Guess not.


1 Response to "Walmart Won’t Price Match It’s Own Stores!"

Wal-mart also does not price match their online store.

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