Wichita Coupon Mom

Leekers Is Having A Double Dollar Coupon Week…

Posted on: July 29, 2009


Dear Wichita Coupon Mom,

You can get your favorite coupons out! This week we are having a DOUBLE DOLLAR coupon week!

**We will DOUBLE manufacturer’s coupons up to & including $1 for one week only! Double value is not to exceed retail price of item. Tobacco, cigarettes & free coupons will not be doubled. Three coupon limit on same or like items (example: If six identical items are purchased, only three coupons will be accepted). And, please be aware, we will no longer double internet coupons.

For more information about our stores and to find even more links and recipes  – visit us at http://www.Leekers.com.

Leeker’s Family Foods
Your Hometown Grocery Store


1 Response to "Leekers Is Having A Double Dollar Coupon Week…"

This is fantastic! Saving money never gets old. I haven’t been to your coupon site before, but I’ll definitely have to come back again. Thank you!

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