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With printable coupons and the Mega Event,  you could save big bucks this week.  This is a great time to stock up on items you know you’re going to need.  You must buy 10 items for the $5 in savings to kick in, but if you have hung onto some of the printable coupons that were available, you shouldn’t have any trouble.  Here’s my list…(all prices are after Mega Event savings minus the coupon)

Hamburger Helper meals $.99-$.75/3 = $.65 each

General Mills Cereal(Cheerios shown) $1.99-$.55=$.99 each

Pillsbury Cresent Rolls $.99-$40/2=$.59 each

Pillsbury Grands $.99-$1/2=$.49 each

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls $.99-$.40/2 =$.59 each

Nature Valley Granola Bars $2.49-$.40=1.69 each

Toaster Strudels $1.99-$.55/2=$1.49 each

Pizza Rolls $2.69-$.55/2=$2.14 each

Old El Paso Products $.99-$.60/2=$.49 each

You may have coupons for some of the other items too.  Most of these coupons were still available when I checked yesterday, if you haven’t printed you limit.  Final prices shown are after the coupons were doubled.  And, don’t forget to check out Shortcuts and Cellfire to add even more savings to you grocery receipt!  Make you list and save some money!

You can visit my website for links to all the coupon sites!



I know that it’s still hot, and you’re probably still scrambling for those last minute school items, but if money is going to be tight around Christmas, you might want to start doing a little shopping for some things now. 

At coupons.com you can print a Hasbro Transformers RPM Mini Vehicle BOGO.  Walmart has these for $3.97 each.  They are little “Hot Wheel” sized cars.  Go to Fisher Price and print a coupon for $5 off the new Trio building sets.  It appears that Target and Kmart have them.  Target shows them starting at $12.99.  Walmart’s website didn’t have them listed.  If you like to shop online, you can register to receive emails from Hasbro and get 10% off your first purchase from their website store. 

You might also find great deals on toys that are considered “last season” on the clearance shelves at your favorite store.  So, while you’re out and about, make a quick stop in the toy sections and see if there is a bargain to be had. 

The same is true of lots of other items you might be considering to purchase for christmas.  So make your list, and see if you can get lucky with a great deal.


Recently I discovered that some of my Shortcuts coupons were not redeeming.  So I contacted the Shortcuts folks to see what the problem was.  After sending them 2 different receipts and upc codes of items that did not receive the coupon redemption, we discovered this….you won’t get a Shortcuts AND a Cellfire redemption on the same item.  BUMMER!  It just allows for you to have savings on more than one item.  Perhaps the rest of the world had that figured out already.  I admit, I’m a little slow.  But for those of you just starting out on your coupon adventure, you now know.  You cannot have the best of both worlds!

Now, if they would just come up with a universal coupon card that would scan at any store.  That would be perfect!


Perhaps the entire world knows about this, but since there was not a Little Caesars Pizza near me, until recently, I had no idea what a bargain could be had!  Although I promote making your own pizza, during the summer I’m all about keeping the oven off.  Did you know at Little Caesars, you can drive up to their window anytime they’re open and buy a pepperoni or cheese pizza for $5?  Not a medium pizza, but a LARGE!  $5.  Already baked and ready to eat.  That’s ever cheaper than a take and bake at Walmart!  On a hot busy night, when you’ve got a few dollars to splurge, this is the winner!


Walgreens has Bic round pens for $.50 this week, so you can use your coupons there for free pens too!



Have you printed your limit on the Bic Stationary coupons at coupons.com?  If not, then get busy printing before they’re all gone.  Then, take those coupons to Dillons and get the Bic Crystal pens (on sale for $.50) for Free.  Or, take those same coupons to Walmart (on sale for $.45) and get them for Free.  I chose to get my pens at Dillons, along with other items I needed, so I could add to my FuelSaver Rewards. 

The sale is advertised at Dillons this week, but the pens could possibly only be on sale at New Market Square.  I don’t remember seeing them in the latest Walmart ad, and as you may soon discover, they don’t honor their own prices at other area stores, or online!

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