Wichita Coupon Mom

Not Too Soon To Start Christmas Shopping!

Posted on: August 14, 2009


I know that it’s still hot, and you’re probably still scrambling for those last minute school items, but if money is going to be tight around Christmas, you might want to start doing a little shopping for some things now. 

At coupons.com you can print a Hasbro Transformers RPM Mini Vehicle BOGO.  Walmart has these for $3.97 each.  They are little “Hot Wheel” sized cars.  Go to Fisher Price and print a coupon for $5 off the new Trio building sets.  It appears that Target and Kmart have them.  Target shows them starting at $12.99.  Walmart’s website didn’t have them listed.  If you like to shop online, you can register to receive emails from Hasbro and get 10% off your first purchase from their website store. 

You might also find great deals on toys that are considered “last season” on the clearance shelves at your favorite store.  So, while you’re out and about, make a quick stop in the toy sections and see if there is a bargain to be had. 

The same is true of lots of other items you might be considering to purchase for christmas.  So make your list, and see if you can get lucky with a great deal.


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