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This deal comes to us from Amy.  Thanks Amy for the “411”!

13.5 oz Kingsford charcoal 8.99
– $2 coupons
KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce 1.99
– Free coupon wyb 13.5 oz Kingsford Charcoal
$2 mail in rebate when you buy both Kingsford charcoal (13.5oz) and KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce. (found on a tear pad at Kmart)

$10.98 before coupons
$2.99 after coupons/MIR



The Kansas Beef Council is sponsoring a Dillons Gift Card Giveaway!  Be sure to visit their website www.kansasbeef.org  for great recipes and follow the Ranch Family Blog!

To enter the Dillons Gift Card giveaway, leave a comment about how you make meal time special and your favorite steak recipe!  Be sure to leave your name and an email address for contact!  On Saturday I will draw a name for this weeks giveaway.  I’ll have another giveaway next week too, so check back to enter for that drawing!

Since all my children have flown the coop I have started hosting Sunday dinner.  I make an enormous amount of food, and everyone who can, gathers at 6:00 pm to share food, stories, and a good time.  One of our favorite meals to share are fajitas.  These are most delicious when you use a nice cut of steak, like sirloin, and season it up with lots of garlic, chili powder, and cumin.  Then when weather permits, we grill the thin slices of meat outside for the best taste!  We like ours served with grilled onions, and bell peppers, and topped with fresh salsa, a squeeze of lime and cheese rolled in a hot flour tortilla. 

Don’t be shy, leave a comment about “Celebrating Family” and be entered to win a $20 gift card!


Sorry,  I haven’t posted in a while.  I just got the grandsons in preschool, and didn’t realize what an adjustment getting back to a schedule would be.  Now that I have things in a groove, I can get back to deal searching! 

I was contacted by someone at the Beef Council, who advised that Dillons would be working with them to do some promotions on beef, starting this week.  I’m guessing the Sterling Silver Tri Tips might be part of that promotion.  It’s $4.99 lb, and you get free bacon.  I haven’t gone in to see what sizes it’s sold in.  I’m also told that “At your local Dillons, you can also pick up a Celebrate Your Family recipe booklet with great beef recipes.”  So take a look around and see if you can spot one!

Dillons is into week two of it’s most resent MEGA Sale. 

I haven’t been printing off very many coupons, but there are a  lot of good ones on the coupon sites.  They seem to be reloading quite frequently!  Be sure to check them often!

I must share two non coupon related things with you.  I have made two purchases recently that I’m just thrilled with.  First is a bread machine and the second is a FoodSaver.  I love both.  I have mastered french bread quite nicely, and am still trying to get the perfect wheat bread loaf (for sandwiches), and with my FoodSaver I packaged about 10 quart sized bags of tomatoes from my garden and put them in the freezer!

If you mix your own bread dough from scratch using the recipes in the booklet, you can make about 4-6 loaves from a bag of flour for less than $1.00 each.  That’s fresh from you bread maker or oven bread, that has no added ingredients.  My family loves it just as much as I do. 

The Walmart at 21st and Maize had a Sunbeam breadmaker on clearance for $51 when I was there on Saturday. 

Thanks for letting me share.  And if you have questions about either of these items, feel free to ask!

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