Wichita Coupon Mom

Where Was I?

Posted on: April 23, 2010


That’s probably what you’ve been asking?  Where is this so-called Wichita Coupon Mom?  Why hasn’t she been posting any deals, or links to coupons.

Well, part of it is too lazy.  Another part is since just before Christmas, I haven’t really been using coupons as much.  I have a few standards that I try not to shop without, like Pull-ups or White Cloud toilet paper.  But I really had to take a good look at what I was really accomplishing with my coupons.  I had a nice stock pile of Hamburger, Chicken and Tuna Helpers, but no one in my family really liked them.  And the sodium content is outrageous.  So I gave them to a food bank.  I also cut down on the types of cereal I buy for the boys.  They don’t need Trix or Foot Loops, and it’s hard to find a good deal on Kashi, or Mini Wheats.  But when I do, I buy them up.  I have been trying to do more cooking from scratch.  I like to make my own red sauce for pasta.  We really enjoy a Rachel Ray recipe for that. 

So for our family, I have just been trying to stay within a budget buying what we need, and using a coupon if one is available.  I have started to shift most of my shopping to Dillon’s.  They have cheaper milk and bread, and you can usually find a good sale on those other necessities at one time or another. 

For example, they have Kroger brand peanut butter 10/$10.  Last time they had that sale I bought 10, and I am just now getting to the end of that supply, so I’ll be stocking up again. 

What I discovered is that there are lots of other sites that keep tabs on sales, and coupons, and have better information than I do.  I will continue to post when I come across a really great deal, or to share some money-saving tip I have discovered.  You can always visit my site for quick links to coupons sites and the area store ads. 

Thanks for reading and staying in touch.


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