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Dillons has been running several sales for buy one get one meats.  This is a great time to stock up on roast, steaks and pork!  Be sure you know how the bogo works.  I find that it’s best for me to only buy one kind of meat at a time, ie, one roast, one steak and one pork product.  Then I try to find another package that is as close in price as the first one. 

The reason I point this out, is because in the past I have purchased 2 or 3 “roasts” and picked out the same number of “free” ones that were simular in price, but the ones I selected may have differed in price by $2 or $3.  When I went to the checkout, the register rang up the highest priced roasts and I got the cheaper ones for free.  That defeated my master plan and took a chunk out of my budget that I hadn’t considered.  So now to play it safe, I do one kind at a time.  I just make a couple of stops into the store during a good sale week. 

By buying as much as you can afford when the meat is on sale, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in a years time, and still eat well.  That goes for any grocery item you have room to store.  Buy it  and buy a lot of it when it’s on sale, and save a bundle on the grocery bill in the long run.