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Dillons has been running several sales for buy one get one meats.  This is a great time to stock up on roast, steaks and pork!  Be sure you know how the bogo works.  I find that it’s best for me to only buy one kind of meat at a time, ie, one roast, one steak and one pork product.  Then I try to find another package that is as close in price as the first one. 

The reason I point this out, is because in the past I have purchased 2 or 3 “roasts” and picked out the same number of “free” ones that were simular in price, but the ones I selected may have differed in price by $2 or $3.  When I went to the checkout, the register rang up the highest priced roasts and I got the cheaper ones for free.  That defeated my master plan and took a chunk out of my budget that I hadn’t considered.  So now to play it safe, I do one kind at a time.  I just make a couple of stops into the store during a good sale week. 

By buying as much as you can afford when the meat is on sale, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in a years time, and still eat well.  That goes for any grocery item you have room to store.  Buy it  and buy a lot of it when it’s on sale, and save a bundle on the grocery bill in the long run.




Be sure to read their coupon policy at their website at www.leekers.com


Sound too good to be true?  Well, it won’t be an easy feat, but it can be done.  I have a shopping list and menu all lined out for you.  It will require you and your family to limit snacks and drinks, but no one will starve.  Just head over to my website for a link to the grocery list, and the menu for this weeks $50 challenge!


Fire up those printers and start saving!  Today Dillon’s has Cheerios and Total cereals for $1.97 a box.  Print off several of the $.55/1 Cheerios coupons and get your boxes for $.97 each.  Total has $.75/1 at coupons.com.  Suddenly Salad is $.99 a box and you can find coupons for $.40 off at several sites.  (coupons.com, pillsbury.com and bettycrocker.com) That’s $.19 a box!  You can still get Kellogg’s cereals for $1.47 a box with $1/2 from coupons.com.  While you’re there be sure to grab a gallon of chocolate milk for only $1.88!!!


Just to continue my earlier point….Today in our Eagle Express (the weekly additional ads we get with the Dillon’s insert) Aldi’s included a sale ad.  In that sale ad they have on sale in their produce section the following items,

Avocados $.39 each   Roma Tomatoes $.63 per pound    pineapples $1.99 each    Lettuce $.59    Strawberries $.99 per pound. 

I had to make a trip to Wal-Mart this morning and took a look at their strawberries.  They have them for $1.98 for a  package.  You could save 99 cents just by price matching to the Aldi’s ad.  Not to mention the savings you can possible get on the other items listed. 

So, go get that Eagle Express out in the drive way, open it up and get out that Aldi’s ad, before you head to Wal-Mart. 

Please keep in mind, that the prices I allude to are at the Wal-Mart in New Market Square at 21st and Maize Road.

Hey, while you’re there be sure to stock up on Coke, Pepsi and Dr Pepper products.  $5 for 24packs!!


So, you’re still a die-hard Wal-Mart fan.  Don’t clip coupons, and won’t shop at any other store.  Maybe you don’t have time to visit more than one location each week.  You don’t get the newspaper, and don’t have time to search for coupons on the internet.  Besides, the last time you checked, Wal-Mart had the best prices around.

But what you have discovered, is that your grocery bill is getting bigger, and your paycheck isn’t.  Maybe you have lost an income and now you have reached the end of your savings and the reality of your financial situation has just reared its ugly head.  But none the less, you are not going to start being one of those people who spend hours running around town hitting ever sale just to save a buck, or clipping a massive number of coupons.  Nope, you’re going to keep right on shopping at Wal-mart.

Ok, go ahead and stay at Wal-Mart.  But while you’re there, why not save another dollar or two.

How you ask?

Well, first and most importantly, and I can’t stress this enough, sit down, plan a menu, make your list from that and the stick to it.  Part of planning a menu includes planning what you might have around for snacks, so don’t just think about your main meal.  Plan your breakfast and lunches too.  This will help avoid trips during the week for items you forgot.

Then, take a few minutes, (probably more like an hour) and scan the ads for other stores in your area.  If you live in or around Wichita, you have Dillon’s, White’s IGA, Homeland, and Leekers.  Don’t try to use the excuse that you don’t get the paper, or you’re not in their delivery area.  I have a link to all of them on my website.  Now, look at what they have on sale that’s on your list.  If the price looks like it might be better than what you have been paying at Wal-Mart, print off that page and take it with you.  (Be sure to make a note on you grocery list, and which flier it’s on)  Then, while you’re at Wal-Mart, check the prices against what is on sale at other stores.  If the price is less, then have the cashier price match to the lower price at the other store.  But be ready to present the flier that show’s a better price, especially if it’s a really good one.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about.  At White’s IGA this week, they have Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad 10/$10.  These usually sell for between $1.49 and $2.00 at Wal-Mart.  Today let’s say it $1.89 a box.  When your ready to check out, tell the cashier you want to price match this product with the sale price at White’s IGA.  They will ask the amount and probably want to see the ad, then they will mark down your package to $1.00.  You just saved $.89 on one box.  No coupon and you didn’t have to go anywhere else.  If you do this on 10 different items, you could save $8.90 on this trip alone.

You won’t find a large number of things to price match every week, but if you get in the habit of looking and then price matching even just one or two items a week, (like milk and orange juice for $2.99 at Dillons’)  the savings will add up.  And any penny saved is better than no pennies at all!

So, by putting aside an hour or so to make a menu and shopping list, check the local sale ads, and print off a few pages, you can help lower your shopping bill at Wal-Mart.  No coupons, and no running around town.

So, why not start making your new plan today!


That’s probably what you’ve been asking?  Where is this so-called Wichita Coupon Mom?  Why hasn’t she been posting any deals, or links to coupons.

Well, part of it is too lazy.  Another part is since just before Christmas, I haven’t really been using coupons as much.  I have a few standards that I try not to shop without, like Pull-ups or White Cloud toilet paper.  But I really had to take a good look at what I was really accomplishing with my coupons.  I had a nice stock pile of Hamburger, Chicken and Tuna Helpers, but no one in my family really liked them.  And the sodium content is outrageous.  So I gave them to a food bank.  I also cut down on the types of cereal I buy for the boys.  They don’t need Trix or Foot Loops, and it’s hard to find a good deal on Kashi, or Mini Wheats.  But when I do, I buy them up.  I have been trying to do more cooking from scratch.  I like to make my own red sauce for pasta.  We really enjoy a Rachel Ray recipe for that. 

So for our family, I have just been trying to stay within a budget buying what we need, and using a coupon if one is available.  I have started to shift most of my shopping to Dillon’s.  They have cheaper milk and bread, and you can usually find a good sale on those other necessities at one time or another. 

For example, they have Kroger brand peanut butter 10/$10.  Last time they had that sale I bought 10, and I am just now getting to the end of that supply, so I’ll be stocking up again. 

What I discovered is that there are lots of other sites that keep tabs on sales, and coupons, and have better information than I do.  I will continue to post when I come across a really great deal, or to share some money-saving tip I have discovered.  You can always visit my site for quick links to coupons sites and the area store ads. 

Thanks for reading and staying in touch.

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